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Just a Normal Day in Creative Agency.

The story of productivity.

It all starts with client

Sarah met new client in the fancy local cafe and agreed to provide project proposal. When she got back to her office she created a project, specified hour rate and started breaking down the project by tasks with estimates. Then she generated the PDF estimate report and sent it to client.

Project management

New client likes the proposal Sarah has sent so she decides to start working on it immediately. Project and its tasks are already in place with the estimates she set before so she starts inviting team members to project and delegating the tasks. All her team members get email notification about every task she has assigned to them so they can start working on it asap.

Reporting and stats

Sarah would like to know how much time have been spent on all those new projects. She decides to create a time and user report so she has good understanding which tasks have been closed, who worked on them, and how much time her team members have spent so far.

Invoices & payments

It’s end of the month so Barbara decides to create invoices today. She makes sure everyone has entered the time they spent working on theirs tasks and then starts creating invoices for all active clients. She sends the invoice as PDF attachments and then goes through bank statement and enters the payments for last month invoices to keep the list up to date.

Task management

Eve opens a task she has been assigned to and by looking at priority and its deadline she decides to start working on it straight away. She realizes she is missing a company logo in PNG format so she creates a task and assigns it to Mark. Then she records the time she spent on the task and sets the status “in progress”.

User management

Yesterday Sarah hired Susan, new project manager, she will be replacing David. Today is her first day so Sarah creates account for her in Getquantify and gives her access to couple of projects she will be involved with. After Sarah created the account for Susan she decides to block the access for David as today is his last day in company.


Mark decides to check what else is on his agenda for today and next five upcoming days. He realizes that those seven meetings he has planned for Tuesday might be little too much. He tries to move the meeting with John. John agrees on the phone so Mark clicks the settings icon and reschedules the meeting in the calendar task popup.


Sarah is automatically informed in real time in her notification feed as well as by email about the recent development of the top priority task. She has decided to turn on the system notifications as she is using Chrome browser which supports this feature. Next time she gets notified even when her browser is not visible.

Powerful filters

Roger wants to get a quick idea about the state of individual tasks on that new project he has been managing for past few weeks. He opens the kanban view and sets the filter so it only loads the tasks for single project he is interested in. He can see that there are quite a few tasks in “review” state so he goes through them one by one and approves as many as he can so the projects starts moving forward.

Runs on computers, laptops, tablets & phones

When Sarahs wakes up next morning she turns on her mobile phone and checks her agenda for today. She can see that she also have one task overdue so she clicks on it and changes the deadline for today. On her commute to work she realized she has forgotten to leave a comment for Patrick, she opens her tablet and makes a comment in the task assigned to Patrick quickly, so she does not forget it again.

Time tracking

Bob opens the tasks he is about to work on. He needs to prepare everything for the upcoming Facebook campaign. He knows it will take him few hours so he starts the time-tracking popup timer, this way he can keep on switching the browser tabs and windows without worrying that he will loose the tracked time.

Attach files

Mark receives the task from Sarah about the logo requirements so he attaches the correct logo, he as well records the time he spent working on the task by simply typing the time into time input field. He also decides to upload the new branding guidelines in PDF format for Sarah.


On the way to work Sarah is reminded by iCal calendar on her iPhone that her next online meeting is starting in 15 minutes. She is happy she set the synchronization of Getquantify events with iCal. She walks into her office, opens Getquantify and clicks the Skype call icon next to Peter's name. The Skype application gets loaded and she starts the call with Peter. Peter is looking for a file in their shared Dropbox account but can’t find it. Sarah describes she has not had the time yet but she immediately drags and drops the file to a task. Peter confirms he can see the file in the Dropbox.

Keyboard shortcut

Sarah is in a hurry as her meeting is starting in one minute but she needs to record a task so she does not have to think about it during the meeting. She presses “n” on her keyboard as she knows it is a shortcut to bring the new task window. She quickly types the task title and presses CTRL+ENTER to submit the task.

Get started

30 days free trial. Only USD 29/month for the whole agency - everything unlimited.
Money back guarantee.

Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Slovak.